Twelve Tracks


This CD took 3 years to make and contains John’s most famous song “Michael’s Dad” with an updated lyric for Michael Jordan and his late father James. That song appears on a 30,000 seller of the Jim Rome CD! BUY IT TODAY!

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The musicians that appear on this cd are some of the best in the business. Most notably on trumpet is Jesse McGuire, who has played with Tower of Power and so many great people in the BIZZ! On drums is Ken Mary of The House Of Lords band of RCA and he has performed with Alice Cooper!

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Song List

1. Sending Out This Song To You

2. With Megan, They’ll Be Beggin’

3. A Little of This, A Little of That

4. Enough To Go Around

5. In Tune

6. Michael’s Dad

7. U.R. The Woman

8. Foolish In Love

9. Aspen

10. Jump Start Your Heart

11. Take What You Want

12. Jess The Blues


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Easy Listening: Soft Rock

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