You’ve Got To


High energy acoustic rock with positive and powerful messages

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YOU’VE GOT TO is my POSITIVE UP TEMPO CD with titles like YOU’VE GOT TO – GO FOR IT – LAND ON YOUR FEET – SPIRITUAL AWAKENING – STOP THE VIOLENCE STOP THE GREED – My song SHE’S MY LINDA is one of my most downloaded songs ever and it also appeared on the TWA IN – FLIGHT PROGRAM through AEI MUSIC PROGRAMMING in 1995. It was on a PLAYLIST between WILLIE NELSON and BILLY JOEL! I have some great musicians on this as well. JESSE MCGUIRE appears again on trumpet. KEN MARI on drums. MIKE BREEN on banjo and lead guitar. STEVE PARRISH on lead guitar and BOBBY SOUL on SAX to name a few!

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Song List

1. You’ve Got To (instrumental)

2. Forever Yours, Forever Mine

3. She’s My Linda

4. Go For It

5. No Ordinary Lines

6. Land On Your Feet

7. You’ve Got To

8. Go Now

9. Spiritual Awakening

10. R.J.

11. Kianu’s Piano

12. Stop The Violence, Stop The Greed


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Rock: Folk Rock

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