John Niems

Download John’s LATEST REMASTERD 17 Song ALBUM
“Will I Be Remebered” for $17
1. Trans Vaccinated Man 2. Made In Heaven 3. Two Devils 4. Only One Can Please Us 5. Mi Amigo Mexico 6. Six Feet Apart Six Feet Under 7. Will I Be Remembered 8. Celebrities 9. I’m Not Trending 10. Beautiful Dance 11. Memorization 12. When It’s Christmas 13. Animals Have Souls (Featured 2023) 14. Just Because We’re Family (Featured 2023) 15. Creepy Joe & Kamal Toe (Featured 2023) 16. At The Crossroads (June 2023), Dear ICIE (Jan. 2024)

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A Master Piano Tuner/Technician

Its 2024! I have a new Album No.13 “Will I be Remembered” 17 Song Album, With John’s great masterpiece Dear ICIE for his beloved wife!  

ALSO, MY TWO VOLUME Songbook just RELEASED TODAY May 13, 2023! PDF and Hard Copies for Sale. PDF Download: $20, Hardcopy: $40 Both Digital and Hardcopy: $50!  

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