When Is It Time to Tune Your Piano?

The answer is always sooner rather than later. Nobody wants to play an out-of-tune piano, unless you’re Rowlf the Dog… “Aha! Just what I was looking for. Look at this little beauty. Whoa ho! Boy is this piano out of tune! I love out-of-tune pianos.” – Rowlf the Dog, A Muppet Family Christmas But for […]

The Top Five Piano Brands I Love to Tune

Everyone has their favorite piano, and I’m no different! Having tuned more than 20,000 pianos over the course of my 40-year career, I’ve worked on pretty much every piano brand out there—American, Asian, and European. And let me say, there are aspects (some might say peculiarities) that make each brand special. But, I do prefer […]


You can now download LOVE SONG FOR PLANET EARTH and PUSH BACK at ITUNES – AMAZON – or CDBABY and watch their videos as well at YOU TUBE folks! My 6 MILLION video is over 10,400 views now and POLITICIANS is over 2,000 views and WHY ARE WE THERE is pushing 1,500 views as all […]

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