Here’s an example of writing a song for a loved one and in this case it’s MY DAD as I got closer to his 90th BD I decided to write him a song. So I sat down at the piano and BINGO out it came almost as soon as I started playing the chords. As you will hear I start with: THIS IS MY SONG FOR MY DAD – STILL GOING STRONG IS MY DAD AT 9 ZERO MY SUPER HERO MY DAD! it was my singing and showing my LOVE for my greatest role model and friend a guy could ever have! MY DAD!

6 thoughts on “90 Years

  1. Thanks Richard! I am so happy to share MY DAD with those who listen to this song as I feel I captured WHO HE IS with this TUNE! My BEST FRIEND and the BEST ROLE MODEL a son could ever have!

  2. Yes Leisa he’s 95 now and every year I update the song for him a little! And like the song says HE’S STILL GOING STRONG!!!! I love him so very much! Hope you enjoyed your stay visiting my site!

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