I wrote this on the piano as a classical piano song – then when I was recording another on a break I picked up my guitar and played the chords and speeded it up then I knew immediately that this was my WITH MEGAN THEY’LL BE BEGGIN’ tune as I had the title since the 80’s. I wanted to make it a song that when listening you could smell the smoke in the bar! I call it my SMOKEY BAR SONG!


3 thoughts on “With Megan, They’ll Be Beggin’

  1. Thanks James as I figured that was a compliment. AL STEWART had some great songs back in the 70’s. My tune WITH MEGAN,THEY’LL BE BEGGIN’ also gets compared to DIRE STRAITS as well because of the great guitar riffs of STEVE PARRISH on it. I love the way STEVE and SAX GREAT BOBBY SOUL trade off their solo parts on it too!

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