In 2007 my producer STEVE PARRISH just bought a beautiful YAMAHA C-3 GRAND PIANO when I was already half way through my 7th release IN YOUR DREAMS! On the day I recorded this track I first did my MASTER TUNE UP of the C-3 YAMAHA and then played my part as well. I played it in 1 take and you can hear the whole version of SUNDOWN SUNDAY on IN YOUR DREAMS as it is track 1 (this edited intro version) and the 12th track ( the un-edited version). After I put down the piano part then STEVE did the rest as this is one of his best productions and his playing on all the other parts is FANTASTIC as you will hear!!!


2 thoughts on “Sundown Sunday

  1. This (Sundown Sunday) is wonderful. I’m a huge fan of smooth jazz and this tune takes me back to the beaches near Santa Cruz and Monterey, CA. Love that sound!! Thank you!

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